BL manga about two boys who gain the ability to see others’ feelings.

Jazz X Lied

Jazz x Lied is a BL manga about two boys who are sprayed with a potion that lets them see the feelings of others. It’s a story about family, romance and friendship! It has flufff, angst and some spoilers. Read more at pixiv! (potentially sensitive content)

Jazz – Instrumental and vocal.

What is Jazz?

Jazz is a music style that incorporates improvisation, distinctive tone colors and performance techniques, and dotted or syncopated rhythmic patterns. It evolved in New Orleans and came into its own as a distinct musical genre in the 1920s. Jazz has since influenced many other genres including rock, R&B and hip-hop music.

In essence, jazz embodies musical freedom. The musicians in a jazz band can play any note they wish and in any order they choose. They can also change the key of a song without changing the rhythm of the beat. This type of improvisation is like a musical dialogue between musicians, and each player’s sound is unique, much like the different sounds produced by human voices.

Pianist Jelly Roll Morton is often considered to be the first creator of jazz as a specific genre. He assimilated, like a master chef making a great New Orleans bouillabaisse, a complex matrix of diverse vernacular elements, such as field hollers, work songs, banjo music, church hymns, African-American spirituals, and ragtime, into one cohesive style.

What is Lied?

Lieder are art songs for voice and piano. Unlike other musical genres that tend to put the spotlight on the singer, a great lied requires equal responsibility from both musicians. A pianist must support and enhance the poet’s meaning, whilst a vocalist is required to bring a dramatic force, expressive range and emotional intensity to their performance.

Until the 17th century lied compositions followed the classical tradition of a cantus firmus, often with a single verse repeated many times. In the 18th century a new kind of lied emerged, the so-called strophic lied, in which different stanzas of the poem are set to different musical variations.

Schumann and Wolf synthesised the verbal and musical components of the lied into a powerful whole. Their essential apparatus was a mind infinitely receptive to poetry, which they must have read voraciously from boyhood. Their 610 settings range from the full works of acknowledged literary figures to the amateur verses of their friends.

What is Iruma?

Iruma is a human boy who was sold to Demon Lord Sullivan and adopted as his grandson. He was unable to attend school regularly in the human world due to his parents neglecting him and thus has developed excellent adaptability and survival skills.

Despite being a male Iruma enjoys some traditionally girly hobbies such as dressing up and playing games with Clara Valac and Crocell Kerori. He is also very fond of Ameri’s manga First Love Memories and will often read it with her.

Iruma has a strong desire to at least rise to Bet in rank and asks Kalego for training so that he can achieve this goal. However, he quickly discovers that he is being outclassed by his teammates and Alice.

What is the story?

The narrator of jazz x lied, which is also the name of this album, uses idiomatic expressions to stay within the lives of the characters she describes, and often seems to respond to questions posed by an invisible companion that may be a stand-in for the reader. This way she is able to describe sociological phenomena and historical truths while remaining fully immersed in the world of the characters.

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